The Color Box

Project Details

The Color Box required a simple, functional skin for their Invision Power Board community support forum. They wanted a crisp, clean and fast loading look that was CSS rather than graphics driven.

A custom logo was also created to promote The Color Box's online presence. Matching emblems of similar design were placed as graphic accents throughout the site, to reinforce the latter.

What We Created

  • Unique Logo Design
  • Custom Skin for Invision Power Board
  • Valid CSS/HTML Coding throughout
  • Additional graphic accents as required
  • Installation & Maintenance

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Poinsettia Holiday

Project Details

"Poinsettia Holiday" was a non-commissioned project created for the Invision Power Board user community. It is a seasonal skin, ornamented with hand-painted poinsettia art and features a hand-painted angel figure in its festive header.

The skin was intended for use with Invision Power Board 2.3.x series. It was also fully skinned for the official Download Manager and IPS Gallery components.

What We Created

  • Unique Header Design
  • Seasonal Skin for Invision Power Board
  • Valid CSS/HTML Coding throughout
  • Various Matching Accent Graphics
  • Installation and Maintenance

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Available from IPS Resources

Golden Harvest Series

Project Details

Autumn is, for some, the most glorious season of the year. Thus, inspired by nature, one of our designers decided to pay tribute to her favorite season and created a personal website interface.

Later on, came the idea to create an IPB skin based on the visual design elements of the site interface. The skin was created for the 2.3.x IPB series and came fully skinned for all 3 official Invision Power Board components.

What We Created

  • Website Interface Design
  • Pre-made Skin Design
  • Valid CSS/HTML Coding
  • Various Matching Accent Graphics
  • Blank Graphics & PSDs for Customization

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Fancy Textures

Project Details

Many of our projects feature design elements, such as background papers, which can be used for a variety of webdesign projects or printwork.

These luxurious textures are provided in either PNG or PSD format. Some are provided as compact seamless tiles, while others sport very sizeable dimensions (over 1200 pixels in length and width), and are saved at very high resolutions for optimal quality.

What We Created

  • St. Patrick's Day Vintage Backgrounds
  • Christmas Holiday Textures
  • Enchanting Columbines Papers
  • Provided at 300 dpi resolution
  • Packs include layered PSDs

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Decorative Alphabets

Project Details

Typography is an integral part of your web presence. We like to take it one step further, and present it in the format of decorative alphabets in a variety of styles. They are provided in lossless format at high resolution to ensure their suitabililty for printwork or web design.

It is important to note, that decorative alphas are not True Type fonts - they are intended for use in web design imagery, greetings, scrapbooking kits, showcasing products, and the like.

What We Created

  • Celtic Dragon Deco Alpha
  • Floral Infusion Deco Alpha
  • Semiramis Deco Alpha
  • Provided in PNG or PSD format
  • Saved at 300 dpi to ensure quality

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LOTRO Custom

Project Details

The client commissioned a custom gaming clan skin for the Invision Power Board 2.3.x forum software. The theme he requested was the "Lord of the Rings". This custom skin was coded for the official IPS Gallery, Blog and Download Manager components.

The template features warm parchment colors, framed by oak elements accentuated by Dwarven runes.

What We Created

  • Custom IPB Skin Design/span>
  • Unique Board Header Modification
  • Various CSS/HTML Coding Enhancements
  • Modified Graphic Accents throughout
  • Layered PSD pack for Customization

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Project Details

Electronic Cards are taking the WWW by storm! Although they will likely never replace the conventional paper postcards, e-cards have becoming intensely popular among internet users today, due to their ease of use and the speed with which they can be dispatched to their intended recipients.

Our E-cards are of the highest quality, saved at 300 dpi to ensure maximum losslessness when used in your web projects or printwork.

What We Created

  • Easter Greetings Trio
  • Merry Holidays Christmas Pack
  • Valentine's Day Cards (not shown)
  • Provided at 300 dip resolution
  • Packs include layered PSDs

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Project Details

Celtica is a pre-made Invisio Power Board skin, created for the 2.3.x series. It is currently a work in progress and should be finished by the end of February 2009. This skin features hand-crafted celtic-knotwork graphics, courtesy of Kandace Wright.

This skin will be skinned for the 2.3.x versions of the three official IPS Components - that is, the Gallery, the Blog and the Downloads Manager.

What We Created

  • Unique Header Design
  • Thematic Skin for Invision Power Board
  • Various CSS/HTML Coding Modifications
  • Modified Graphic Accents throughout
  • Layered PSD pack for Customization

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About Our Company

Who We Are

We are a small, highly motivated group of freelance designers who take every day pride and joy in being able to do what we love - create graphics while exploring the exciting, vastly growing and rapidly expanding world of web design.

Whatever your designing needs, Excalibur Designs will help you achieve a unique, magical look for your home-page or dream website. If you already have a website and you are looking to re-define your online presence, then look no further, because we can offer you a truly affordable, eye-catching solution that is sure to attract and command attention. We specialize in creating exceptional graphics, matching web sets and seamless interfaces for both commercial and personal use.

We pride ourselves on offering our clientele incomparable quality and unswerving commitment to provide professional graphic services tailored to your individual needs.

What We Do

We specialize in designing unique, inspiring and powerful web graphics. As dedicated professionals, we are thoroughly committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that every individual, business and organization has a unique vision that shapes who they are and defines their identity. Our goal is to help you project that identity unto the world.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide our customers and members alike, with the best service, products and overall experience in the market.


  • Website Interface Design
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Valid CSS/HTML Coding
  • IPB Skin Development
  • Unique Custom Graphics

Our Price List

Design Solutions

We specialize in creating unique custom graphics for a wide variety of design components, from basic navigational elements to professional corporate logos - and beyond.

Corporate Identity

Logo Creation
Starting from $100
SEO & Banner Ads
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Design Elements

Navigational & Other Graphics
Starting from $10
Custom Photo Manipulation
Starting from $20/hr

Website Creation

Excalibur Designs is your integrated single source design studio - offering your commercial enterprise or non-profit endeavor versatility, flexibility and unique imagery - resulting in a timeless vision of your online presence.

Basic Website Work

Custom Website Design
Starting from $150
PSD to HTML CSS Coding
Starting from $50/page
General Graphic/Coding work
Hourly rate of $25/hr
Installation & Maintenance
Please contact us for a quote.

IPB Accessories

We are pleased to offer a variety of design solutions for Invision Power Board forum software and hope to be of service as you plan changes, modifications and updates to your community's look and feel.

Pre-made Designs

Forum Graphics
- team icons, avatars, buttons, logos, etc.
- designs starting from $5.00
Forum Skins
- starting from $15

Custom Designs

Graphics by Request
- starting from $10
Exclusive Skins
- starting from $125
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